News Tue, 14 Nov 2017 19:15:19 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Diverse and Dynamic, Harvard University Students Discover Palestine over Spring Break Diverse and Dynamic, Harvard University Students Discover Palestine over Spring Break

March 2017 


Over 100 students from across the various schools at Harvard applied to go on this trip to see Palestine over Spring Break in March, which was described by some of its participants as “life-changing” and "the most intense learning experience" they had while students at this prestigious university.  For most American and international students, this was a unique chance to see Palestine from a different perspective, and come face to face with both the reality of the occupation and Palestinian struggles, but also with the beauty of Palestine, and the resilience and hospitality of the its people.

On the trip, students meet with Palestinian leaders in the public and private sector, as well as with civil society representatives and NGOs.  They had the chance to meet with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, (OCHA), as well as the Palestinian civil society organizations  Al Haq and Addamir, toured the cities of Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Jericho,Hebron and Negev, as well as an exceptional political tour in Jerusalem.  At students request, program additions included visiting refugee camps and meeting with political leaders to give the students as complete a perspective of Palestine as possible.


At the end of they trip our Harvard friends had a amazing night, with a farewell dinner arranged at the popular "Grotto" restaurant in Beit Sahour, where they had the opportunity to watch traditional Palestinian folklore dance by the local Baqoun Dabkeh group while having a delicious final meal in Palestine. 

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Westtown School Makes New "Friends" in Ramallah Westtown School Makes New

March 2017 

Westtown School, a Quaker Middle School from Pennsylvania, came to the Holy Land this March to build personal and institutional relationships between Westtown and the Ramallah Friends School, as well as to learn about the political and religious history of the area and its importance to Christians, Jews and Muslims

The Westtown School delegation members stayed with local Palestinians families, which allowed students and staff to get a real sense of everyday life and culture in the West Bank, and to establish relationships between trip participants and citizens of Palestine and Israel. Particular focus was on building personal and institutional relationships between Westtown and Ramallah Friends School.


Siraj’s efforts to bring the participants closer to people at the community level enabled the members of the group to deepen their familiarity with regional grassroots work, and to promote nonviolent methods of addressing injustice and promoting peace and coexistence.

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Our Spring "Hike Palestine" Program Journeys From Nablus to Jerusalem Our Spring

March 2017 

In late March, the Siraj Center hosted an 18 dedicated hikers from United Kingdom who selected our "Hike Palestine" Program for their Siraj experience, and walked from Nablus to Jerusalem. Beginning with a tour in the old city of Nablus, they visited Jacob's Well and Balata refugee camp, where they met with and learned from local Palestinians.  Visits to the Palestinian villages of Awarta, Duma and al- Auja included staying with local families sharing their food and experiencing their daily life. 

Hiking from Jericho to Nabi Musa, they had lunch with a local Bedouin community and moved to Bethlehem, where they had a cultural dinner complete with a Dabkah dance in a local restaurant. In Bethlehem, they visited Aida refugee camp and Nativity Church before moving on to an overnight stay with a Bedouin family in the village of Rashayada. On the final day of the tour they visited Hebron and witnessed first-hand the hard situation that the Palestinians in the Old City area experience on a daily basis.  It was a full trip, and one that will not soon be forgotten by its participants! 



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Americans and Brits Come Together for "Bike Palestine" Americans and Brits Come Together for

April 2017 

This early April, Siraj Center Hosted a successful bike tour of nearly two dozen cyclists from the Britain and America.


Starting their Jenin to Jerusalem cycling tour on April 5th,  they cycled from Jenin towards Sabestia, a small Palestinian town set in a fertile valley where figs, olives, grapes and the other fruits and vegetables grow in abundance. Local tradition holds that it was in Sebastiya that John the Baptist was beheaded, and an abundance of archaeological ruins from different eras can be found.   The group then cycled towards the village of Zababdeh, enjoying the relaxed countryside atmosphere of this town situated in the fertile farmland plain of the northern West Bank, then cycled on to Nablus, where they had a tour of the Old City before turning in for the evening. 

From Nablus they proceeded to Huwarah, Aqraba and Duma, where they had lunch with Bedouins to know more about Palestinian culture and experience some traditional cuisine. Then they arrived to Taybeh, where they visited the Taybeh beer factory, then cycled on to Jericho, visited Hisham's Palace and Nabi Musa, before travelling to the monastery of Mar Saba in the Kidron Valley. They cycled to Bethlehem, visited Nativity Church and Shepherd's Field before they had a final dinner party in Bethlehem area, before a journey south to the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Old City of Hebron.  On the last day, the group made their final leg of the journey by cycling to Jerusalem to finish with a political and cultural tour.

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The Southern Trail Experience of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Walk In Spring The Southern Trail Experience of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Walk In Spring

Spring 2017 


Beautiful landscape, culture, meeting  locals and visiting ancient historical sites of Palestine were just a few of the highlights of this spring's Southern Trail Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil experience. Starting from Solomon’s Pool in Artas, built by King Herod and once used to collect spring and rain water from the surrounding valleys to provide water for Jerusalem,  the program participants learned much about village life and culture in Palestine. 

On the following day, the group walked to Rashayada Desert and stayed with the Bedouins for a traditional Bedouin meal and sweet tea before retiring for the evening. On the next day they walked from Rashayada to Bani Naim where they had lunch with a local family, before continuing on to visit the old city of Hebron to end their experience. 

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Saint Aman Group Visits the West Bank and Jerusalem Saint Aman Group Visits the West Bank and Jerusalem

April-May 2017 


This spring, Siraj Center was delighted to host eleven delightful voyagers from France, starting on 21st of April in Bethlehem district with a hiking day in Battir, a tour at the Old City of Bethlehem and a visit to Nativity Church.

From Bethlehem they went to Jericho for another hiking day to Nabi Musa and an overnight night Bedouin experience. On the next they tried another experience with the Bedouin family in nearby Rashaydeh after walking from Tequa’ to Al Rahshaydeh encampment. They completed their hiking program on the next day from Rashaydeh  to Bani Naim and then on to Hebron where they experience both the joys and difficulties of a tour in the troubled the Old City of Hebron.


After so much high-intensity experiential hiking in the West Bank, the Saint Aman group spent four days in Jerusalem with plenty of free time to visit the Old City before returning to France at the start of May. 

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Into the Wild: "Wild Frontiers" Program Explores the West Bank and Jerusalem Into the Wild:

April 2017 

 In late April, the British "Wild Frontiers" group cooperated with Siraj for walking tour that visited Nablus, Awarta, Duma, Taybeh, Jericho and Mar Saba, and ended in Jerusalem.


During their journey, the group stayed with local families and learned about Palestinian culture and everyday life in the country, and enjoyed the local food and landscape along the way.

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Masar Ibrahim al Khalil (Northern Part)

May 2017

An international group of eight hikers completed a walk along part of Abraham’s Path in Palestine. They began their journey in Nablus, exploring the old city before staying overnight with local families in the village of Awarta.

 The following day they walked from Awarta to Aqraba, going on to spend the night in our first ‘family guesthouse’ in the village of Duma.



 The final walk took them across the hills to Kufr Malek, where they enjoyed lunch with the local Women’s Community Center. The group finished their exploration of rural Palestine with a cold beer at the Taybeh brewery and with lunck with one of our host families in Taybeh.

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Masar Ibrahim al Khalil Walks Masar Ibrahim al Khalil Walks

During the first half of 2016, the Siraj Center in cooperation with the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil enabled 245 people to walk through rural Palestine, exploring its natural beauty, history, culture, cuisine and being welcomed by authentic Palestinian hospitality along the way.

The one-day and two-day weekly walks began in February until end of June 2016. The walkers had the choice of hiking different segments of the Masar Ibrahim in Palestine. The Jerusalem Wilderness and the Reshayda Desert were among the first walks of the season. Another segment included Nebi Musa to Mar Saba, where walkers had the chance to visit ancient religious sites. In the northern section, walkers discovered rural Palestine from Awarta, Duma, Aqraba, Nablus and Jenin.

The age categories of the masar walkers ranged from 18 to 74 years old. In addition to the local Palestinian walkers, there were international hikers who came from different countries such as China, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Jordan, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Australia, the United States, Canada, the U.K. , France, etc.

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Wilfrid Laurier University Tour 2016

22nd – 25th May 2016

The twelve member delegation from Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University traveled for the first time to Palestine for a diverse educational experience.  Students and staff were able to visit major cities, as well as rural villages in the West Bank, being welcomed by people from each local community, learning about the day-to-day lives and challenges faced. 


The group took part in a 14 km hike through the northern highlands from Araba, Kferet to Burqin, where they walked through beautiful untouched rural landscape.  A visit to one of the oldest churches in the world, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George – the Church of Healing, and to the Canaan Fair Trade showed the delegates how Palestinians are working hard to preserve, conserve, protect and promote Palestinian products and their cultural heritage to the world.  The university students walked through the busy narrow streets of the Old City of Nablus.  They had the opportunity to meet Palestinian university students at Nablus’ Al Najah University, and also to visit the Freedom Theater in Jenin, to get to know about the work being done to inspire and empower youth through theater.

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