News Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:06:08 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Masar Ibrahim al Khalil (Northern Part) May 2017 An international group of eight hikers completed a walk along part of Abraham’s Path in Palestine. They began their journey in Nablus, exploring the old city before staying overnight with local families in the village of Awarta. The following day they walked from Awarta to Aqraba, going on to spend the night in our first ‘family guesthouse’ in the village of Duma.


 The final walk took them across the hills to Kufr Malek, where they enjoyed lunch with the local Women’s Community Center. The group finished their exploration of rural Palestine with a cold beer at the Taybeh brewery and with lunck with one of our host families in Taybeh.

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Into the Wild: "Wild Frontiers" Program Explores the West Bank and Jerusalem Into the Wild:
April 2017 In late April, the British "Wild Frontiers" group cooperated with Siraj for walking tour that visited Nablus, Awarta, Duma, Taybeh, Jericho and Mar Saba, and ended in Jerusalem.

During their journey, the group stayed with local families and learned about Palestinian culture and everyday life in the country, and enjoyed the local food and landscape along the way.

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Saint Aman Group Visits the West Bank and Jerusalem Saint Aman Group Visits the West Bank and Jerusalem
April-May 2017 This spring, Siraj Center was delighted to host eleven delightful voyagers from France, starting on 21st of April in Bethlehem district with a hiking day in Battir, a tour at the Old City of Bethlehem and a visit to Nativity Church.

From Bethlehem they went to Jericho for another hiking day to Nabi Musa and an overnight night Bedouin experience. On the next they tried another experience with the Bedouin family in nearby Rashaydeh after walking from Tequa’ to Al Rahshaydeh encampment. They completed their hiking program on the next day from Rashaydeh  to Bani Naim and then on to Hebron where they experience both the joys and difficulties of a tour in the troubled the Old City of Hebron.


After so much high-intensity experiential hiking in the West Bank, the Saint Aman group spent four days in Jerusalem with plenty of free time to visit the Old City before returning to France at the start of May. 

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The Southern Trail Experience of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Walk In Spring The Southern Trail Experience of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Walk In Spring
Spring 2017 Beautiful landscape, culture, meeting locals and visiting ancient historical sites of Palestine were just a few of the highlights of this spring's Southern Trail Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil experience. Starting from Solomon’s Pool in Artas, built by King Herod and once used to collect spring and rain water from the surrounding valleys to provide water for Jerusalem, the program participants learned much about village life and culture in Palestine.

On the following day, the group walked to Rashayada Desert and stayed with the Bedouins for a traditional Bedouin meal and sweet tea before retiring for the evening. On the next day they walked from Rashayada to Bani Naim where they had lunch with a local family, before continuing on to visit the old city of Hebron to end their experience. 

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