Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Since 2005, Siraj has been achieving its vision of becoming one of the most prominent and innovative organizations driving the development of responsible tourism, and re-branding Palestine as a destination for experiential travel and human connection. We are pioneers in Palestine. Our diverse responsible tourism programs include local community tours, home stays, interfaith programs, pilgrimages, and cultural and fact-finding missions, as well as other special interest programs. We are committing to making our tourism packages environmentally friendly, and offer an extensive array of outdoor programs, including walking/hiking (www.walkpalestine.com) and cycling tours (www.bikepalestine.com) along the Nativity Trail, Sufi Trail, Jerusalem Wilderness and Abraham Path, the first long distance walking route through the West Bank (www.masaribrahim.ps).

External Articles

- Geschichten aus dem Heiligen Land ( 2 links ) https://www.imbach.ch/application/files/9115/1393/9554/Neue_Zurcher_Zeitung_20171222_Seite_58.pdf https://www.imbach.ch/application/files/2415/1393/9554/Neue_Zurcher_Zeitung_20171222_Seite_59.pdf - Personal Travel Managers Discover the Hidden Highlights…