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I did a four day walk on the Abraham Path this April, starting in Nablus and ending in Taybeh with a side trip to Bethlehem at the end.
I absolutely would recommend it.

It's a chance to see countryside and meet people you could never meet traveling on your own in Palestine. Our guide was excellent; he knew all about the countryside, history, flora and fauna, told us stories and answered all our questions thoughtfully. He was good at keeping a pace everyone could keep up with and making arrangements if the day's walk would be too hard for anyone.

The walk was moderate; a good pace for myself (26 years old) but we had a woman in our group who was 70 and who had broken her hip the year before and she did the entire walk with us.

My favorite part of the walk was the families we stayed with each night. Each household was great hosts, feeding us well and spending time talking with us each night.

It's not a "fun vacation." You will hear stories and meet people that will break your heart. You will put faces to the things you've heard in the news and suddenly it all is much, much more personal.

This is the reason I think - especially if you will also be traveling in Israel - you really really should go to Palestine and meet the people there. I chose a walk on the Abraham Path because I think it's a great initiative and I wanted to support it and I wasn't disappointed.

I'd be happy to answer if you have any specific questions about my trip and the accommodations, terrain, food, safety or anything else.

You can see some photos I took on the walk here:

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