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"Concluding the RECCE in Palestine", by Alan Curr, Wild Frontiers

Departing Jericho we had our final walk which was perhaps the most stunning of them all. We walked through an area so barren that it felt we really had been transported back to Biblical times. The only life we saw was a baby owl sleeping quietly in a crack in the rocks.

We completed our four-hour hike with an astonishing view across a canyon to the Mar Saba Monastery which is built into the rock and is simply one of the most impressive sights we have seen to date. Upon arriving in Jerusalem we headed straight to the Mount of Olives and took in the impressive view of East Jerusalem, with the Dome of the Rock taking centre stage.

In the evening we strolled out to our first restaurant experience of the entire tour and the following day entering the walled city itself, taking the Via Dolorosa – which is the route Jesus is believed to have taken on the way to being crucified and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – where you can touch the rock which held his cross in place. The final 24 hours of the tour was left to ourselves to wander freely and take in this most fascinating and complex of cities. A trip to the Western Wall was the first stop for most of us, as well as a visit to the grave of Oscar Schindler which has become quite a pilgrimage site for people of the Jewish faith. Wild Frontiers has made the point of running adventure holidays to destinations that many people would be skeptical about. I can honestly say that I have never been more warmly welcomed into the lives of the local people nor have I felt safer in the areas in which we trekked.

Palestine and its people have a complicated history, and when hearing the stories it is very difficult not to form opinions, but we are aware that there are two sides to every story and we have been keen to stress throughout that this is neither a political nor a religious tour. What I can say however, is that it is certainly an educational one.

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