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"Far Adventures Travel, LLC", by Fran Mikaloff

The Abraham Trail in Palestine took our group of 8 through barren landscapes in Awarta, lush olive orchards between Awarta and Duma, scrubby desert-like terrain and fertile farms planted with a variety of fruits and vegetables in the terracing of the Aqraba hillsides. In Taybeh, we had a private tour of the only microbrewery in the Middle East! And we will never forget Nablus with its traditional soap factory and the delicious “kanafa”. But the best part was the people we met, conversed, laughed with and learned from.

 Once entering Palestine, there was nothing by but good wishes, happy smiles, curious kids and interested people in our decision to make an excursion to their country. We all learned and benefited from staying with families who shared their daily meal with us, and were happy to include us in their family get-togethers. Working with Siraj Center in creating a sightseeing and walking tour for a variety of ages was a challenge, however, Michel and staff gave more than 100% to ensuring that our trip was an educational as well as a pleasurable one.  Spread the word:  Palestine is a “must-see”!!!

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