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"In the Steps of Abraham", by Pierrette Nicolosi

Describing the beauty of the Palestinian landscape and its fascinating diversity, the privileged witness of timeless scenes, the shepherds driving their herds across thousand-year-old landscapes of cliffs, the Bedouins in their traditional daily life,  would all be incomplete and inequitable toward those women and men met along the trail and who bring to this journey all its powerful humanity.


Abraham’s Path is as well, a rich encounter with each person involved in the project, the local guide who bridges the voyageur to his family, and the communities the voyageur will meet on the way. 

 Through each family’s life story, you will be taken on a journey through several generations, from the Ottoman occupation period, which is still remembered by some of the older Palestinians, until the present Israeli occupation that affects the lives of each and every Palestinian.  The suffering those occupations generated: loss of life, poverty, separation of families, exile and return for some of them many years after their departure, as the call of the homeland is the strongest. 

To your astonishment, hard life stories will be shared with visitors, and will always be balanced by a strong sense of humor and funny anecdotes.

In no time you will move from very traditional country side villages to cities, where modernity and tradition mingle loudly and joyously.

Your trip will not be completed without the smell and flavor of the traditional and local dishes that you will be invited to taste in host family’s homes.

This journey is going to break down the “clichés” through the extraordinary patchwork which constitutes the Palestinian society, with its traditions from the northern rural villages to the touristic cities; and its different religions, from Muslims, Druze, Christians communities: Orthodox, Protestant, Latin, the Samaritan Jewish community; from the people in the refugee camps, the Bedouins… and the incredible and little known landscape, a small beautiful piece of land where you will find fertile valleys, arid hills, desert, the Jericho oasis, the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley.

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