Thursday, 16 January 2014 08:55

Italian Hiking Group, by Graziano, Lorena, Manuela, Pino, Renate and Sabrina

While we were walking from Nazareth to Bethlehem, we were able to observe the way of living of the people in Palestine, their hopes, their achievements, their sorrows. We experienced the smell and taste of the food, the smoothness and roughness of the soil under our feet crossing the fields, along the path, down the ravines.  We touched and sipped the water in pools and wells.  We drank Arabic coffee or tea, during our rests. We listened to stories of the places we traveled through, of the people who used to live there and of those who live there now.

It was possible for us, a group of 6 people coming from a mountain district of Italy, to understand the similarities and the differences from our land and our people, both rich and interesting.


The mental path of the journey of Mary and Joseph, and of so many people before and after them, often traveling for necessity, was in our thoughts from time to time. We thank the Siraj Center and the optimal guide.

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