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Videography Equipment Fundraising

Moving forward:

A group of Palestinian activists has been researching available Palestinian products and services that can be exported.  We are also assessing what we have and what we need in terms of  skills, knowledge, and infrastructure, as well as our potential for carrying out projects that have not been done in Palestine.  Once it is compiled, we will put all the data on a website that will serve as a catalogue for these products, services, and potentials. We have already found local volunteers and a host for this websiteat no cost.  What we need now is a pilot project. After much thought, we have decided that the pilot project will be a video production unit, because:

  1. Its first task can be to make a video that highlights Palestinian products and services, one we can use to jumpstart other projects.
  2. The production unit, once up and running, can be used at low cost to offer video production services to international advocacy groups, visiting international groups, etc. 

We are thus seeking support for this initial phase of the project, which will demonstrate our ability to plan and execute projects of the highest caliber, and generate other opportunities for production. Within six months, the website will be functional and will include not only a substantial database of products and services, but a link to the video promoting Palestinian products and services.  The video production unit would be the first unit to offer services immediately, and at competetive prices, to organizations and individuals. To do this we need equipment. We seek modest donations of money or equipment to get going:




Video Camera

Sony DSR-PD170 Camcorder



Regular Tripod



HDV/DVCAM Player/Recorder   HVR-M15E



Wireless Neck Mic (400 X 2)



Boom Mic



Sony / Mac with extra Monitor


Hard Drive

External Hard drive 500 GB



Tapes, Transportation, DVDs, etc


Sub Total



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