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Middle East Education through Technology (MEET) Group from 29th June - 14th July 2012

The MEET Group visited Bethlehem and Ramallah. The Nativity Church was its first destination, then toured the historic town of Bethlehem.  Following, the Group members visited Bethlehem University, the Shepherds Field, and had the experience of seeing the Separation Wall around the Bethelehem.

They had the opportunity to meet with the Palestinian Negotiation Unit.  Ramallah was the second destination where they visited Arafat’s Tomb.  From there, it was Bilin, and then they headed to the village of Taybeh. 

The MEET Group visited the Taybeh Brewing Company, and later toured the historic cultural center of Taybeh.  During their trip, they had the chance to meet with experts, learning about water problems, the non violence resistance movement and other Palestinian issues.

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