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Summer Celebration Program 2015

During the Summer Celebration Program, students have the choice of taking part in either a one-month or two-month stay in Palestine.  Participants are able to take part in summer afternoon walks in nature which are organized by the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil and the Siraj Center.  Also, they participate in tours of Palestinian cities like Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Hebron,  which allows them to  learn about the political situation, while experiencing authentic Palestinian hospitality. Students enjoy the unique landscape and traditional Palestinian hospitality in homes or Bedouin tents.  They learn about and explore ancient cities, such as Sebastia and Jericho, which are host to a number of sites of archaeological importance.

 Through the Summer Celebration, visiting students have the option of overnight stays offered by host Palestinian families, allowing them to get to know more about everyday life in Palestine, the challenges faced due to the occupation, and about family traditions, perspectives and authentic hospitality or the second option is staying in a private apartment.

 Arabic language lessons are offered by qualified instructors at the Bethlehem University as part of the summer program.  Throughout the entire stay, students have the chance to practice Arabic on a daily basis with the local people.

Taking part in the Summer Celebration gives students many opportunities to travel throughout the West Bank, visiting remote villages, Bedouin dwellings and to urban centers, exploring, discovering Palestine, and having fun and meaningful experiences, sharing meals, stories and creating deeper relations with the people of Palestine.

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