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Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East Human Rights Delegation to the Holy Land.

A human rights delegation made up of thirteen members of the Unitarian Universalist denomination from the United States visited Palestine/Israel from July 26, 2015 to August 6. The delegation was  organized by Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (see UUJME is dedicated to achieving a just peace in the Middle East with equal rights for all peoples in Palestine/Israel. UUJME works both within and without the Unitarian Universalist denomination.

UUJME Human Rights Delegations have been going to Palestine/Israel since 2002. This recent delegation had two co-leaders, Curtis Bell, a member of the board of UUJME and Rosemary McInnes, a student at Bryn Mawr University.  Don McInnes, Rosemary's grandfather and former president of UUJME, was the leader on previous UUJME delegations. 

 The purpose of the delegations is to give Unitarian Universalists first hand knowledge of the human rights situation in Palestine/Israel by visiting the country and talking to Palestinian and Israeli activists about their work. Delegates witness for themselves the beautiful resistance and steadfastness of these activists. When the delegates return to the United States they share their experiences and in many cases they themselves become activists for a just and  lasting peace in Palestine/Israel.  

All of these delegations, including this most recent one, have gone well, thanks to the excellent assistance of the Siraj Center. The Siraj Center makes the arrangements for hotels, for transportation within Palestine/Israel, for guides, and for meetings with Palestinian and Israeli human rights activists. Participants in past delegations, as well as in the most recent delegation  are grateful to the Siraj Center for making the programs both meaningful and worry free. Members of the most recent delegation would like to especially thank Iliana Awad for her work on the arrangements and Mohammed Barakat for his excellent work as our guide.

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