Wednesday, 06 September 2017 16:14

In the Footsteps of Jesus Summer 2017 Program

Long-time Siraj tour leader Rev. Jerry Wright reflects on his most recent program with us.

For many years now, my wife and I have engaged Siraj Center as our tour hosts in Palestine and Israel.  In addition to the other services/experiences they provide (hiking, biking, educational opportunities and more), Siraj staff are experts in arranging for alternative tours/responsible travel to the Holy Land.  We just returned from another pilgrimage, having led a group of eighteen persons. 

As usual, we outlined our wishes for the journey: holy sites we wanted to experience; NGOs and other institutions we wanted to visit; Jewish, Muslim and Christian voices we wanted to hear; meals in local restaurants and other out-of-the-ordinary-trip experiences we wanted to offer our pilgrims.  Staff returned a draft itinerary that met all our hopes.  If this is your first time to organize a trip, Siraj staff can put a suggested itinerary together for you.  While participant reviews of our trip are always very high, pilgrims also spoke about the reasonable cost when compared to other Holy Land trips that are offered.  Participants return home from a Siraj-arranged pilgrimage and say things such as "This was life-changing!", "This was the most important travel I've ever done," and "I'm so grateful for the extra travel arrangements that Siraj made for us following the formal tour."

 - Rev. Jeff Wright


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