Wednesday, 22 August 2018 19:32

E-Bike Bethlehem Tour Now Available

Siraj Center is pleased to announce that the Bike Bethlehem Tour is now available.

This program was launched in response to an expressed interest in more alternative tours in the Bethlehem area,  We have added an inventory of battery-operated bicycles with all the necessary safety equipment, and have laid out an exciting new route for discovering the Bethlehem area as few international travelers have. Battery-powered bicycles have been an increasingly popular means of transportation for Palestinians as well as foreigners in the Bethlehem area.

Our program participants will enjoy the unique opportunity to discover all the sites and locations that our beloved Bethlehem has to offer.  this program can be a stand-alone day tour, or can be incorporated into a larger Siraj Center Tour. For more information on booking a Bike Bethlehem Tour and the tour itinerary, visit

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