Friday, 21 December 2018 09:13

Irish Group #19 Visits Palestine Through Siraj

Since 2006, Siraj Center has organized no less than 19 West Bank study tours from Ireland, bringing more than 500 citizens of the Emerald Isle to Palestine. These groups have traditionally been organized through voluntary efforts and non-profit making capacity. This past September 2018 a group of 28 Irish came to Palestine, and had a great opportunity to visit unique historical sites. They came with expectations to see and experience the reality of Palestine/Israel issues and hear informed points of view from all sides. We were told from program participants that the experience exceeded their most optimistic expectations, and was an excellent means of building a platform for Irish activism for Palestine, with many who come on the trips becoming Palestinian activists on their return home.  Last but not least, friendships were formed on this program, and a genuine link made between the Irish and Palestinian people. We hope to greet Irish Group #20 and beyond in the coming year! 


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