Friday, 21 December 2018 09:21

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil Thru-hike

This past November, Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil, in partnership with Siraj Center, completed its 4th Masar Thru-hike. Six participants did the full 20-day program while many groups and individuals who joined the program at different junctures along the hike, for an average of 15-20 participants per day, including local Palestinian guides, including several Palestinian students in training that were learning the route. Participants from the USA, England, Australia, Spain and France participated, hiking from Rummana, north from Jenin, to Beit Mirsim, south of Hebron, the hikers walked 330 kilometers in total.  Throughout the hike, they got the chance to overnight at local families and in Bedouin communities, making it possible for the hikers to experience the local culture, customs and a chance to talk with Palestinian people from across the West Bank, experiencing the famous hospitality of the Palestinian people, exploring the amazing nature and its changes along the trail.

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