Palestinian Birdwatching Tour

SIRAJ Center is pleased to introduce the very first bird-watching tour in the West Bank of Palestine. 

Palestine is a bird-watchers haven; with over 40 indigenous species and along a global migratory path, it has more than enough to interest any ornithology enthusiast.

In cooperation with regional conservation partners, the Siraj Center Bird-Watching Tour will be a 08-Day experience, offered twice through the year to match migratory bird patterns: late winter to mid-spring, and then in the month of November.

Our program will visit carefully selected regions in the West Bank idea for bird-watching and include both stationary observation as well as hiking tours in places such as Cremisan Valley, Mahkrour, Artas and the UNESCO heritage village of Battir in Bethlehem, Wadi Qelt near Jericho, Wadi Quof in the southern West Bank, and Jenin district in the northern bank. 

Program participants will visit the Talitha Kumi Bird Ringing and Monitoring Station in Beit Jala; the first of its kind in the West Bank of Palestine, for lectures on the birds of Palestine and learn of the important work that is being done to monitor bird migration patterns and head up preservation efforts.  At the newly-founded Palestinian Museum of Natural History, program participants will learn of the biodiversity of the Holy Land and ecological efforts being undertaken to preserve its fragile ecosystem.  Our guided bird-watching experiences will also offer a rare view into the beauty of the Palestinian countryside.  Tours of the Old City of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, Nablus and other Palestinian cities will complement bird-watching excursions, with plenty of opportunities to encounter local culture, cuisine and more all throughout the program.  

Join us in making ornithological history by taking part in Palestine’s first bird-watching program in 2019.  To register for the program, or for more details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Siraj Center Palestine Birdwatching Tour

Launch: March 2019

Dates:  Must follow bird migration patterns in West Bank; early February to early May; November

Program Cooperation: Talitha Kumi Environmental Education Center (EEC)/ Simon Awad, Palestinian Museum of Natural History (PMNH)/Dr. Mazin Qumseyeh

Program Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Beit Sahour, hotel in Bethlehem district.  Orientation at EEC. 

Day 2: Talitha Kumi EEC. General lecture on birds of Palestine. Hike through Makhrour to Battir – possibly with either EEC or PMNH Guide.  Lunch in Mahkrour or EEC. Visit Nativity Church and old city of Bethlehem, dinner and overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 3:  Hike through Artas to Solomon’s Pool; Bethlehem tour EEC or PMNH Guide, late afternoon visit to PMNH. Lecture on ecological concerns in West Bank. Have a short tour to the Jerusalem Desert around Bethlehem, dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 4: Bird-watching station in Wadi Quof; then transfer to Hebron, Hebron tour, and visit he Abraham Mosque, dinner and overnight in Bethlehem 

Day 5: Hike through Wadi Qelt; visit to Eco Centeries in Jericho, and visit the old city of Jericho, and possible to swim in Dead Sea, dinner and overnight in Jericho or Jenin

Day 6: Jenin bird-watching; visit Burqin Church, visit Jenin, and have a tour in Nablus, drive back to Bethlehem for dinner an overnight. 

Day 7: Jerusalem Tour in the Morning, then transfer in the afternoon for the flight for departure


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