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The Greek Catholic Patriarchate

Greek Catholic Patriarchate

In 1724, the Antioch Patriarchate split into two parts: Melkite Greek Catholic and Greek Orthodox. The Orthodox part renounced the title “Melkite”, while the catholic part kept it. A movement of unity with the Holy See spread in all the Arab countries, especially in Lebanon and Syria. This movement extended to the north of Palestine, especially in the Galilee.

The Catholic part had to live underground, and to suffer from oppression due to its communion of faith with Rome. In the Turkish era, the Greek Catholic followed the Greek Patriarch of Constantinople. However, the Ottoman Sublime Porte did not recognize them as an independent legitimate body (the right of jurisdiction).

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With the increasing number of the Greek Catholic, they became in 1772 under the authority of the Patriarch of Antioch, who also carried the title “Patriarch of Alexandria". Therefore, the Greek Catholic Patriarch became the Patriarch of Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria and the entire east.

When talking about the Greek Catholic Church in the Holy Land, we should never forget to mention the Basilian Salvatorian order and the monks and priests of the Savior’s Abbey, who have been working for 300 years. The number of faithful fathers who served the Holy Land in Jerusalem has reached 141 priests including patriarchs and bishops. Palestine has granted “the Salvatorian Congregation” 96 priests.

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