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The Parish of Beit Sahour

The Parish of Beit Sahour

The Greek Catholic Parish in Beit Sahour was established in 1891 in the time of the Patriarchal vicar in Jerusalem, Archbishop Fillip Malouk. Some Beit Sahourian families joined the Catholic Church, and the Patriarchate exerted efforts to build a church for them. St Michael Church was built in 1895, and father Khalil Abu Sada was the first priest to serve the Parish and the people of Beit Sahour. He was followed by father Elias Sida, and father Bulos Antaki (now the Patriarchal Vicar in Alexandria). 

The Parish increased in number, and begot its devoted son the Patriarchal Vicar, the late Archbishop Jubrael Abu Sada. He worked hard to serve his people and his town Beit Sahour. In 1955 he built the current church known as “Church of Shepherds’ Lady”. He also helped in building schools and clinics in all over the patriarchate. In Beit Sahour, a seminary (Seminary of Shepherds’ Lady) was built in 1958, and in 1965 Archbishop Jubrael Abu Sada laid the cornerstone of the Greek Catholic School. Archbishop Elarion Kaputchi continued its building. 

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With this prosperity in Beit Sahour, Archbishop Jubrael Abu Sada asked for the assistance of Basilian Salvatorian Order to help him in taking care of people and institutions of Beit Sahour. The attention and regard of Basilian Salvatorian Order played a great role in the development and progress of the Christian community.

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