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Abraham Path Initiative Brazilian 19/12/2011 -21/12/2011

ImageA Brazilian with "Abraham Path Initiative" consists of 14 people visited Palestine from December 19th – 21st , 2011. The group stayed overnight with the Bedouin families in Rashaydeh village in the Jerusalem Desert, they also enjoyed had a Bedouin night cultural music and food arranged for them. In the morning the group enjoyed a sun rise over the Dead Sea.
The group aslo toured Hebron with The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee. Afterwards, the group headed to the north of the West Bank where they stayed overnight with local Palestinian families in Awarta village south of Nablus. On 21st of December 2011 the group walked from Awarta to Aqraba village and enjoyed lunch with the local Women Community Center in Aqraba.

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