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Phil and Janet Tour, 19-25 May 2014

The whole experience was very thought provoking and we learned a lot from it.

Our guide was excellent and i hope our relationship with him was just as enjoyable for him.

We can never hope to fully understand the position of everyday life for Palestinians but we certainly saw something of it, particularly with the way in which we, and everyone else, was treated by the Israeli authorities when the Pope was in town!

Being under curfew was certainly a new experience for us!

 The Greek hostel was fine although we did enjoy our visits out in the evening to sample the local restaurants.

I can certainly recommend the food at Amigo Emil's and the Armenian Tavern.

Arrangements for the trek were very good and the two nights in peoples' homes passed by successfully.

It was hot walking being a little late in the season but I think we managed ok.

Meeting and talking with the families and being made welcome in their homes and communities was very special.

Our experience in Bethlehem, Hebron and later in Jerusalem was also very informative. I shall certainly be passing on my thoughts on the situation to anyone

who is prepared to listen.

Once again our thanks for your help in setting this up for us and I hope that the work you do continues to flourish.

Phil and Janet



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