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Americans and Brits Come Together for "Bike Palestine"

April 2017 

This early April, Siraj Center Hosted a successful bike tour of nearly two dozen cyclists from the Britain and America.


Starting their Jenin to Jerusalem cycling tour on April 5th,  they cycled from Jenin towards Sabestia, a small Palestinian town set in a fertile valley where figs, olives, grapes and the other fruits and vegetables grow in abundance. Local tradition holds that it was in Sebastiya that John the Baptist was beheaded, and an abundance of archaeological ruins from different eras can be found.   The group then cycled towards the village of Zababdeh, enjoying the relaxed countryside atmosphere of this town situated in the fertile farmland plain of the northern West Bank, then cycled on to Nablus, where they had a tour of the Old City before turning in for the evening. 

From Nablus they proceeded to Huwarah, Aqraba and Duma, where they had lunch with Bedouins to know more about Palestinian culture and experience some traditional cuisine. Then they arrived to Taybeh, where they visited the Taybeh beer factory, then cycled on to Jericho, visited Hisham's Palace and Nabi Musa, before travelling to the monastery of Mar Saba in the Kidron Valley. They cycled to Bethlehem, visited Nativity Church and Shepherd's Field before they had a final dinner party in Bethlehem area, before a journey south to the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Old City of Hebron.  On the last day, the group made their final leg of the journey by cycling to Jerusalem to finish with a political and cultural tour.

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