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Saint Aman Group Visits the West Bank and Jerusalem

April-May 2017 


This spring, Siraj Center was delighted to host eleven delightful voyagers from France, starting on 21st of April in Bethlehem district with a hiking day in Battir, a tour at the Old City of Bethlehem and a visit to Nativity Church.

From Bethlehem they went to Jericho for another hiking day to Nabi Musa and an overnight night Bedouin experience. On the next they tried another experience with the Bedouin family in nearby Rashaydeh after walking from Tequa’ to Al Rahshaydeh encampment. They completed their hiking program on the next day from Rashaydeh  to Bani Naim and then on to Hebron where they experience both the joys and difficulties of a tour in the troubled the Old City of Hebron.


After so much high-intensity experiential hiking in the West Bank, the Saint Aman group spent four days in Jerusalem with plenty of free time to visit the Old City before returning to France at the start of May. 

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